About Us

Let me introduce myself; I am Great ImPRESSions founder, Christine Kneebone. Having a passion for creating and sourcing products that are unique is how Great ImPRESSions was born. When a person asks, can you create this? Can you embroider this? Can you put a photo on this?  If I have the equipment and knowledge to do so, it is done!

For example, I was given a photo of a boat logo that someone wanted to be embroidered on numerous items for a friend. The logo was cleaned up from the photo of the boat that was provided, digitized and have since provided the customer with countless items like sweatshirts, towels, pillowcases, with that very logo sent from a photo. That is what I take most pride in.

Great ImPRESSions started as a small vinyl decal business. After time, it morphed into a sublimation and embroidery business that we still are today, concentrating on all types of photo products, and personalized items that can bring those cherished memories back year after year.

Great ImPRESSions is about providing personalized items that create a smile, memory or feeling, whether it be our personalized jewelry, print item, photo product or something embroidered; that is what the product will bring to the person who receives it as a gift or purchased for yourself.